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DISCOVERED: Roger Stone Lead Juror, Tomeka Hart, Posted a Second Article Bashing Roger Stone...

Juror Tomeka Hart, on the Roger Stone case, is a radical Democrat with a long list of Democrat connections

EXCLUSIVE: ’60 Minutes’ Pushes Complete BS on the American Public Again in a Shoddy...

Last night 60 Minutes attacked President Donald Trump and The Gateway Pundit in another shoddy hit piece.

Department of Justice Sues Sanctuary States and Threatens State and City Officials with Criminal...

The Department of Justice filed civil lawsuits on sanctuary jurisdictions across the US asking judges to overturn the policies, and warning state and city officials they could face their own criminal charges for harboring illegal immigrants

CDC begins testing Americans for the Coronavirus—but how? by Jon Rappoport

As my readers know, I’ve been presenting evidence AGAINST the idea that the China “epidemic” is caused by a new coronavirus.

PM calls off diplomatic visit to Caribbean amid ongoing rail stoppages

Trudeau planned to visit gathering of Caribbean leaders to make pitch for UN Security Council seat

Has anyone seen our Prime Minister? by Candace Malcolm

The far-left in Canada is out of control.

Switzerland Stops 5G — Medical Association Concerned About Cancer and Damage to Nervous System...

BN Frank February 16, 2020 UPDATE: A report by Silicon Republic, Feb. 14, reads in part: “While some cantons had imposed restrictions on planning permission for...

My Valentine’s Day Gift To Climate Alarmists

An update of my previous gift to climate alarmists, with the latest data exposing their malfeasance and fraud.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau under fire for warm greeting of Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran refuses to co-operate fully after shooting down plane carrying dozens of Canadian citizens