Pilot incapacitation – HiSKy Flight H4474 (DUB-KIV) to Chisinau, 20 min after liftoff pilot became “unable to act”, plane diverted to Manchester on May 11, 2023 – 10th recent pilot incapacitation!

by Dr. William Makis


May 12, 2023

Air traffic situation – Pilot is unable to act (click here)
Today there was a HiSky Airbus A321-271 with registration YR-WIN on flight H4474 from Dublin / Ireland ( DUB ) to Chisinau / Moldova ( KIV ), leaving 12:45am, when the crew switched emergency code 7700 almost 20 minutes after the start in Dublin because one of the pilots had suddenly become unable to act.

The plane was then immediately redirected to Manchester / UK ( MAN ), where the sick crew member was transferred to medical care after landing. About 14 hours after landing in Manchester, the plane started again with an exchange crew for the onward flight to Chisinau, where it landed safely without further incidents.

9 other recent Pilot incapacitations in-flight:

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