Justin Trudeau views human life as a commodity, a trait shared with authoritarian despots of history.

by Brad Salzberg


May 12, 2023

PM Justin Trudeau has a horrendous habit of taking the most superficial of attitudes toward issues that fall within his precious “woke” belief system.

“Trans women are women,” states our PM regarding a most contentious issue– transgenderism for Canadian youth. As if the implementation of Drag Queen Story Time within Canadian public schools is such a specious issue. Common sense citizens understand Liberal methodology: conflate all questioning of transgenderism with the woke branding machine that is “Transphobia.”

Abortion is another wide-open field for Canada’s woke warriors. In this regard, PM Trudeau has only one comment to make:

“We will always support the idea that women have a right to control their own bodies. Gone surfing,” Love, Justin. As if abortion is devoid of nuance. It’s a complex issue, in contradistinction to original policy conception via ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

“Abortion in Canada is legal at all stages of pregnancy, subject to restrictions and regulations set out in every province and territory by the governing medical bodies. It is publicly funded as a medical procedure under the effects of the federal Canada Health Act and provincial health-care systems.”

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