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Are Cell Phones The “New Tobacco”? Sharon Noble joins Jim Goddard in Studio

https://youtu.be/7t5ldMErtvE BC Utilities Commission Refuses to Act on Damning Smart Meter Fire Report Guest's website: http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/ Produced by https://www.HoweStreet.com      

Trump, Hillary, Soros, Trudeau: Michael Rivero This Week

Olympics, Koreas, Missiles, Flu, Aluminum, and Banks

Sarah Sanders holds White House news briefing

https://youtu.be/0yLYNGEQhiM President Donald Trump's press secretary Sarah Sanders holds a news briefing at the White House.    

The mandate to overthrow mainstream news, Jon Rappoport

  By Jon Rappoport Pick just one global issue—vaccination. There is an elite movement underway to install universal shots for everyone, and the voices of major media...

Reality Check: Jeff Sessions’ War on Cannabis – Ben Swann (Video)

Ben Swann takes on Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions' War on Cannabis. Is Sessions' push to recreate the drug war of the 1980's actually going to have a reverse effect and cause even more legalization?

Democrat Adam Schiff Fell for Russian Prankster Spoof Promising Compromising Dirt on Donald Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), fell for a spoof by Russian pranksters who promised in a call with the top House Democrat to furnish him with“kompromat”–compromising dirt–on President Donald Trump

Trudeau Popularity DECLINES After Town Halls: Poll

Trudeau is the Wrong Leader for Canada

Running Scared! The FISA Memo Is A Blueprint Of Democratic Climes

https://youtu.be/W49i8FYBCAA Lionel of Lionel Nation joins Alex Jones live via Skype to give his expert legal analysis of the FISA Memo, showing what conclusions can...

The EMF assault continues as 5G rolls out – but does anyone know the...

  by Isabelle Z. February 2, 2018 (Natural News) As ultra-high-speed 5G wireless begins to roll out, concerns about what the technology might do to our health are...

WHAH? NBC News now running propaganda for North Korea as Lester Holt parrots insane...

Lester Holt was providing commentary from the Masikryong ski resort in North Korea, explaining that the resort is a “source of immense pride for a country trying to present a new and modern face to the world.”