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Setting The Record Straight: An Interview With Coleen Mac From The Yellow Vests Canada

by Spencer Fernando January 25, 2019 Correcting the misperceptions around the growing group of Patriotic Canadians protesting across the country. The Canadian Yellow Vests have been holding...

Baltimore burning: The collapse of Democrat Socialism slavery in America -Nancy Pelosi’s former territory

The resignation of the Baltimore mayor then was a total disaster to the D'Alessandro Machine in Baltimore so much so that a young Nancy Pelosi (neé D'Alessandro) would be forced to leave Baltimore in disgrace and reestablish political roots, first in New York and later in San Francisco

France is bidding adieu to Google in favor of a more private search engine

Brad Republished: January 24, 2019 While the U.S. government is working to tighten its grip over citizens’ personal privacy, Europe’s new policy regulations are hoping to...

Prison Barges Sent To Gitmo

FEMA Prison barges arrive at Gitmo for the purpose of housing the overflow of high level indicted Deep State detainees during the military tribunals

Killing Free Speech (Video)

The attack on freedom of speech is the most important crisis -- and a real crisis, rather than a demagogic play for power -- of the day

It’s a Changing World – Super Laser Beam Weapons Developed by the US

Laser beam capable of burning hole in car from one mile away March 6, 2015, BBC News http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/31765015/laser-beam-capable-of-burning... The engine was destroyed after a weapon called an...

Why Martin Luther King Jr. Was Republican

frice Originally Published | Wednesday Aug 16, 2006 It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. In that era, almost...

TRUDEAU ECONOMY: Almost Half Of All Canadians Near Insolvency

Justin Trudeau plan to run his campaign on lies, including demonizing Conservatives

The Catholic Church’s Dark Secret: The Hidden Truth behind Child Abuse

A Pennsylvania grand jury revealed that a succession of hundreds of Catholic priests abused thousands of children

It’s Not a Shut-Down, It’s a Trap

https://youtu.be/4p7oWrLX2pU Headlines With A Voice Published on 15 Jan 2019 SUBSCRIBE 68K It's Not a Shut-Down President Donald Trump has lured Democrats into a trap that will enable a...