Government, Media, Academia: FOR; General Public, Parents: AGAINST.

by Brad Salzberg

September 20, 2023

When it comes to LGBT advancement in Canadian society, it doesn’t much effort to delineate defined attitudes within society.

Government, Media, Academia: For. General Public, Parents: Against.

An interesting dichotomy it is, as manifest in blind dedication to LGBT dogma from all levels of government in Canada.

A protest group called 1 Million March 4 Children say participants across Canada are “standing together against gender ideology in schools.” In British Columbia, gender indoctrination refers to the teaching of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). programs in public schools.

B.C. Premier David Eby posted a letter on social media which raise concerns about the planned protests, while denouncing “hate” toward LGBTQ communities.

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  1. New Brunswick’s premier was out there offering handshakes with protestors. He just guaranteed his next re-election, regardless of propaganda smears.

    Speaking of propaganda smears, it appears the Toronto Sun is the only media outlet that isn’t obsessed with finding ways to sabotage and destroy it’s own business (Given the owners of the Toronto Star had to recently let go a whole bunch of staff in their circle of media ownership, Bell had to let go a whole bunch of their staff, a paper in Montreal shut down, etc.). They were the only ones (That I have seen) who have not written hit pieces on parents in Canada, but also stated their concerns are legitimate, not bigotry, hatred or the other 52+ words labels being used to marginalize or denigrate them.

    There really is an obsession with the leftists labeling anything, to the point I’m surprised you can still find label guns at Staples, these days. This is also a method used to avoid debate and discussion, as though the only thing that matter if their media/twitter wars, rather than tackling real issues that are breaking Canuckistan (and given how so many other countries are doing the same garbage, this sounds coordinated from a foreign source, thus, you know… treason and all).