“Parental rights are far-right” is pure media propaganda. Just because the far-left say so, in no way makes it factual.

by Brad Salzberg


September 21, 2023

“Let me make one thing very clear: Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia have no place in this country.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

Bringing forth a relevant question: what forms of intolerance have a place in this country?

Intolerance being a two-way street. As far as CAP can tell, the “big three”– government, media and Canadian academia– have little to no tolerance for certain segments of our society.

Heterosexuality is certainly low on the charts. Christianity is off-limits. Conservatism in all its forms is perpetually belittled by the powers that be.

In their stead come post-modern “values” as perpetuated by the controlling institutions of Canada. Euthanasia to rid unwanted elderly Canadians posing a burden on healthcare. Abortion limits reproduction of natural-born Canadians. Transgenderism sterilizes youth, transitioning them to sexless beings incapable of human reproduction.

So-called “conspiracy thinkers” refer to such measures as “population control,” of which the government of China stand as innovators.

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