by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

July 8, 2024

The politics have been different … some moving left, others right … but the overwhelming, consistent message voters across the world have been sending to their governments and politicians lately is: CHANGE!

The people have had enough.

Just last month, I pointed out that in democracies on every continent, as the famous line from Network echoed, the world’s middle class is “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”. (You can review that Blog here:

The high cost or unavailability of housing, soaring taxes, ever-increasing carbon charges, high grocery costs, rising concerns/fears about crime, high immigration numbers and negative social impacts are universally hurting … really hurting … the people who do the work to make our economies run, are enjoying few of the rewards.

And too many feel governments are failing to make things better.

So incumbents are either being tossed out of office or have had their grip on power substantially reduced by voters whenever the opportunity arises.

In June, I cited election results in India, Netherlands, Italy and Germany as the most recent examples of a “people’s revolt”.

Now there are more.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s centre-right party was tossed, finishing second in Sunday’s vote, behind a left-wing coalition, but ahead of its far right challenger; in the United Kingdom, the Conservative government suffered massive defeat at the hands of Labour; and, in a Toronto-St. Paul’s by-election, the Conservatives took a riding that had been Liberal for 30 years.

Even in Iran, as restricted and undemocratic as their elections are, voters chose a President promising a new direction.

Change! In the hope for something better for middle class taxpayers … is sweeping the world.

The BC government should be watching … and be worried.

Their media messengers keep offering soothing words that all is well for the BC NDP in the lead-up to the Oct. 19 provincial election.

True, a Research Co survey two weeks ago showed the NDP on top, with 40% public support; the BC Conservatives with 33%; the Greens, 15%; and, BC United, at 11%.

But the election campaign has not yet began in earnest, yet the gap between the NDP and Conservatives is closing. (See the full poll results here:


The NDP may no longer be so popular in urban strongholds that have traditionally formed its power base.

Voters in Vancouver and Victoria are really feeling the squeeze of outrageous housing rents/mortgage costs, ever-rising property taxes, higher and higher commercial taxes/fees, carbon taxes, Hydro charges, transit costs, grocery prices, a troubled health system(doctors, hospitals, surgeries, ambulances) that sometimes seems on life-support itself, shortfalls in schools/education funding, fear of rising crime, with drug users wreaking havoc in many communities, a failing “injustice” system … and an NDP government that has been ineffective in solving these problems.

(Some problems may not be the responsibility of the province, but judging by election results elsewhere, anger and dissatisfaction often ignores jurisdiction in the voting booth.)

And it wont help the NDP that just days ago, an Angus Reid poll showed British Columbians, by a three-to-one margin, don’t believe the estimated $580 Million cost of hosting seven 2026 FIFA games is worth it. (


Judging by election results we’re seeing elsewhere, maybe Premier David Eby, chosen by the NDP to replace his retiring predecessor John Horgan in October, 2022, should have sought a public mandate for his leadership and his promises a lot sooner?

Before the voters had two full years to assess his results.

Harv Oberfeld



  1. The entire system is falling apart and all these elites care about is how much they can loot and scoop before bailing to someplace where there is no extradition treaty. That was one of the big reasons why they tried to shove a jab into everyone’s arm: The kickbacks.

  2. When Harper deregulated the media in the 90s after 50 years of ownership restrictions it was the end of Canada. Harper is a WEF devotee and anyone that believes Poilievre and the CPC are not are as naive as people lining up for their sixth booster.

    • obiwan, it was Mulroney during his term as pm who deregulated the media here in Canada. Mulroney also signed Canada to Agenda 21, which Harper, after he came into power at the PM, ratified Mulroney’s A21. Then two weeks before Harper left off to make way for Justin Trudeau, Harper gave away Canada’s sovereignty by signing us to Agenda 2030. Traitor(s)

  3. The Conservative Party of Canada is a treasonous as the Liberal Party of Canada. They have both sold us all out to Davos. The RCMP recently revealed that in the next five years the country is expected to deteriorate further and that once the masses figure out what the politicians of all stripes have done to them there will be “civil unrest”. Another five years of mass immigration, censorship and woke institutions will be the death of Canada. We are guaranteed at least another year of all of the above thanks to comrade Jagmeet Singh. Canadians that support him should all be shipped to Cuba so they can get the full Communist experience.