“The Biden administration said this week[June 28th, 2024] that it opposed gender-affirming surgery for minors.”

by Brad Salzberg

July 8, 2024

June 28th, 2024: “The Biden administration said this week that it opposed gender-affirming surgery for minors, the most explicit statement to date on the subject from a president who has been a staunch supporter of transgender rights,” reported the New York Times.

In Canada, both government and media do not want citizens of our country to comprehend this development. The statement is a major move, to be sure. Yet, in this regard, one has to understand the way politics roll in PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society.

Who can say exactly why Trudeau and his crew of woke Liberal “progressives” so adamantly desire an open market for Canadian youth to alter their sexual identity. Common sense indicates it’s one thing for a sexually mature adult to make the transition, and another for crossdressers in frilly frocks to read “Adam & Steve” to elementary grade school children.

Media and academia in Canada refuse to differentiate the circumstances. Why this is the case is difficult to discern. Countless studies contain information on the ill-effects of trans-surgery for minors, be it increased chances of contracting cancer, through to a lifetime of psychological problems, played out within a growing movement under the umbrella of “transgender regret.”

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