[BO] has begun the push to remove Biden, he will pressure him to step down on his own. The fake news has been instructed by [BO] to show Biden in the worst light. Think about what is happening, the fake news is now attacking Biden, Biden will start calling it fake news. More people will be pushed away. Most likely when Biden doesn’t step down, he will be removed. [KH] will step in and pretend she is running, will pick a VP, [HRC]. [KH] will be replaced with [MO]. This will all fail. DHS simulates war games. [BO] is being flushed out. Ultimate Sirt Juice,Lose Weight, Support Your Overall Health Get A $20 discount on this amazing product Go to https://GetSirt.com/X22 All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.