“The Coalition Against Pinkwashing says the decision to interrupt Canada’s largest Pride Parade was made after Pride Toronto refused a special meeting over demands by Queers for Palestine.”

by Brad Salzberg

July 5, 2024

“A newly formed group of protesters called the Coalition Against Pinkwashing says the decision to interrupt Canada’s largest Pride Parade was made after Pride Toronto refused a special meeting over demands put together by Queers for Palestine.”

How should clear-thinking Canadians react to absurdities of this nature? Long-term readers of Cultural Action Party [est.2016] media output can surely anticipate our response:

Blame it on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Yet, in many ways, the conclusion is accurate. For years we have contemplated the purpose of social policy incongruity as advanced by Canada’s Liberal government. Why do they back LGBT/transgenderism with equal vigor to their support for religious radicals?

Would this not open the door to an eventual back-sliding of society into social discord? Perhaps, in truth, this is government’s actual goal. Despite its paradoxical nature, the concept may not be a crazy as it sounds. From day one, CAP has considered PM Trudeau to be advancing a brand of social revolution. History informs us that the most efficient method to achieve this goal is found in the “divide and conquer” principal.

However one views these things, it’s difficult to deny incongruity between Palestinian protestors and Canada’s LGBT political movement.

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