by Carlotta Dotto, Byron Manley, Mark Oliver, Christian Edwards, Lauren Said-Moorhouse and Issy Ronald, 


July 5, 2024

LondonCNN — 

The tectonic plates of British politics have shifted after Britons resoundingly voted to put an end to 14 years of Conservative rule, and deliver a landslide victory for the Labour Party.

Labour’s victory is bigger than the party could have imagined until fairly recently. At the last general election in 2019, it slumped to its worst defeat in more than 80 years and appeared set for a long period in the political wilderness.

But the party has since rebuilt itself under the leadership of Keir Starmer, who will now become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

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UK Election

by Sarah Rumpf-Whitten

Fox News

July 4, 2024

An exit poll in the United Kingdom’s general election suggests it will be a landslide victory for the opposition Labour Party after nearly a decade and a half of Conservative rule.

The poll, released moments after polls closed on Thursday, indicated that Labour leader Keir Starmer will be the country’s next prime minister.

“Today, Britain’s future is on the ballot,” Starmer wrote in an X post prior to the election.





  1. Unfortunately, within 2-3 months, everyone who voted them in will be pissed off at them after the glow wears off because all they succeeded in doing was replace one pro-globalist agenda with anti-Britain policies with another pro-globalist agenda with anti-Britain policies. The average idiot was (once again) duped into thinking like this has made a difference. Nothing has changed.

    At least Farage’s party got some seats. I am not saying he is ideal, but certainly easier to respect that the average globalist shill. I wonder if Galloway was re-elected.

  2. Maybe? Each seat Farage has represents over 1 million Brits, Parties like the Lib Progressives have 50,000 people per seat to represent them. It’s very spread out and very convenient to keep him locked out. They were already caught rigging Brexit and rigging the Scottish referendum. I would never dismiss such a suggestions. Our last 3 selections in Canuckistan were all rig jobs in different ways.

  3. How different was the Conservative Party of Canada compared to the Liberals in 2020 during the biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind? Poilievre doesn’t want to talk about slashing immigration in the English media just like Trudeau did his worst bashing of the unvaccinated in French. Neither Poilievre nor Trudeau has ever had a real job. Canadians are just as gullible as the Brits because the media in both countries is controlled by a small group of people and the government. Unfortunately Bernier is no Farage so we don’t have have that. Canada completely died in 2020 and it isn’t coming back regardless of who is in Ottawa. Just wait until Justin taxes home equity in a desperate attempt to appeal to young voters.