PM Justin Trudeau supports a transition of religious community priority within Canada’s socio-political arena.

by Brad Salzberg

June 29, 2024

Despite a cacophony of calls for our prime minister to resign- inclusive of current and former Liberal MPs– Justin Trudeau says he will continue on as party leader.

Throughout his tenure, a certain sub-text has become infused within society by way of Trudeau’s Liberal government. Rooted in the subject of religious communities representation, nine years of Trudeau has resulted in a phenomenon CAP refer to as “trans-religionism.”

Fundamental to the founding of our nation was its “Judeo-Christian” heritage. Trudeau and his communist affectations appears to want this relegated to society’s dust-bin, to be replaced with a “post-modern” religious value system. This past month, as the Liberals continue to suffer in the polls, we witness the phenomenon reach something of an apotheosis.

PM Trudeau’s appointed Attorney General, migrant from Uganda MP Arif Virani, has made a most peculiar choice for the new head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In multiple cases, with evidence to back it up, Birju Dattani is being accused of racist behaviour.

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