“A total of 84 white candidates applied for the five positions, only to have their applications rejected outright.”

by Brad Salzberg

June 25, 2024

‘Can Job Postings In Canada Exclude White People? Short Answer: Yes’

“In two job postings for Canada Research Chairs in computer science at the University of Waterloo, applications are restricted for those who identify as ‘women, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, or Two-spirit’ in the first case, and to members of a racialized minority  for the second.”

As it happens, provincial human rights codes officially prevent discrimination in hiring based upon various characteristics such as sex or race. Why such hypocrisy is able to exist in contemporary Canada is a discussion that should be moved to the centre of social discourse. Naturally, the chances of such a thing occurring remain next-to-nil.

Here, we witness a manifestation of our Liberal government’s “post-modern” society dynamic. It goes like this: prejudice against identifiable communities in Canada is prohibited, except when directed at white Canadians.

On a practical level, the number one purveyor of this blight on our society is PM Justin Trudeau. Sitting atop our country’s political totem pole, the Liberal government indulge in the fine art of “reverse racism.”

“The federally-funded Canada Research Chairs Program invests up to $311 million per year to attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds.”

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