We’re joined by Dr. William Makis, a Canadian oncologist, who offers a wealth of evidence showing how the COVID shots are causing very specific turbo cancers. He goes through the specifics of the cancers, the mechanisms of action of the shots themselves in causing those cancers, and how easy it is to prove with autopsy staining. The government and medical industry are blocking all efforts to discover the culprit, even as they acknowledge the problem. He also notes that these cancers are not responding to chemotherapy, which is why the drug companies are busy formulating more mRNA technology to “treat” these cancers.

Finally, Dr. Makis offers the most comprehensive advice on an array of promising alternative cancer treatments from diet and fasting to high dose ivermectin, Mebendazole, and bioactive compounds in off-label drugs and natural foods. Bookmark this show as a must-listen for all relatives suffering from aggressive cancers.