1. Harper bought into the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab and the Conservative Party of Canada which Poilievere was very much a part of in 2015 went along with it. They sold us out. They sold us out to the the manmade climate change nonsense that is based on crooked modeling just like they sold us out to crooked modeling in 2020. The average person doesn’t care about anything until it affects them DIRECTLY. That’s why they engage in pointless virtue signalling on social media to try and convince others that they care. Look what happened with ArriveCan. It impacted average people, they all complained and within WEEKS it was gone. Trudeau backed down so fast because in the end he is scared to death of average people. All politicians are. That’s why they like to divide us like they did in 2021 with the poison shots and 90%+ of people fell for it. Liberal or Conservative is Canada’s uniparty. They both answer to the same people in the shadows. People waking up to what Harper did to Canada TEN YEARS after he did it is why we are in the mess we are in. Harper is personally responsible for creating the crooked legacy media. Personally. If he hadn’t of changed the broadcast ownership regulations they never could have existed and controlled the flow information the way they do now. Trudeau is just building on Harper’s legacy and piling on censorship legislation because he can’t stand even one person speaking out against him.