“We ought to create a new anthem that fuses together traditional Indigenous chants.”

by Brad Salzberg

June 24, 2024

In terms of running down our country, Canadian media and our academic institutions make for a most effective partnership. This we see exemplified in an article published this week in the Toronto Star, Canada’s most virulently anti-Anglophone news publication.

According to writer Nadia Khan, our national anthem ‘O Canada’ represents “everything that’s wrong with this country.”

Attempting to put aside emotionally-charged “knee-jerk” reactions, CAP contemplate the roots of Khan’s insult to tens of millions of Canadians. Important it is to come-to-terms with where this is coming from.

The author of the article is a Canadian academic. Schooled in woke liberal politics, the writer sets aside everything that ‘O Canada’ means in terms of Canadian history and heritage. The fact that many a tear have run down the faces of Canadians whose predecessors died for our country in two world wars is rendered meaningless.

Why? Because within the world of woke academia, hatred of country has been instilled in the minds of students for decades. Rooted in Marxist philosophy, educational institutions in Canada have been transitioned to bastions of globalist propaganda, all of which culminates in the idea that our country in intrinsically racist.

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