1. BC has a population of 5.3 million. Let’s say 80% took 2 shots each. The rate of Serious Adverse Events after each shot is 1 in 800. A Serious Adverse Event is defined as. 1. Death 2. Permanent Disability 3. Hospitalization. In BC that means about 10,000 people were affected. Pretty easy to cover up. I believe the “official” death toll for covid19 in BC during the entire three years is 6,000 (average age 81). The above figures are extremely conservative and anyone that still thinks it’s a “conspiracy theory” I have a question for them. Are you up to date of your covid19 vaccines as of right now? Dr. Bonnie Henry and the NDP government is still recommending that you get a booster every six months to protect you. It’s “safe and effective”.

  2. I should add that the 10,000 figure of British Columbian’s injured or killed by the “safe and effective” GMO’s only account for the damage done within a short time after injection. Who knows what it’s doing to people’s health long term. I doubt it’s extending your life expectancy and is likely shortening it. How much and for how many? Great question. Perhaps you can ask Adrian Dix, Penny Ballem, John Horgan or David Eby.