1. I was disappointed in Keenu’s story, so what really if Maxime bought a place on a tropical island, who wouldn’t if they could afford too, if it was the Libs it would have been with our tax money, so if it was his money and honestly gained it’s his right. Poiliever is no angel, don’t forget it was his wife who brought in the PCR test that has now been proven to 97% in accurate and was the cause of so many people being locked down.

  2. JR makes sense in what he says, but anyone who has common sense knows what needs to be done to turn BC and this country around. The agreements he speaks about with 1st nations has some ugly sides to it as well and as a White/senior/ women I experienced some of them working on the CGL pipline that came thru Burns, the discrimination against none native people was unbelievable.
    I see that JR is wearing a moose hide patch to support the “stop violence against Native women campaign” and what about the rest of us? and tell us how much violence has it actually stopped?. Then their is UNDRIP and this new resource reclamation project coming down the pike that is going to take away private property rights. Politicians leave much to be desired.

  3. Poilievre is fully vaxed and didn’t say a word during 2020 or 2021. He stood by while two Canadians who refused to be injected were refused medical treatment and died. Poilievre is a supporter of mass immigration and refuses to discuss the topic just like he refuses to discuss vaccine injuries. Unlike in the UK where the people have figured out that the Conservative’s under Sunak are not really conservatives Canadians continue to be deceived. I tried to find a contact email for the PPC on their web site to inquire about the Bexte story and was unable to find one.