Credit: Getty Images

by Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit

June 20, 2024

One of Hollywood’s most iconic restaurants has shut its doors for good.

The Arby’s Roast Beef franchise closed on Saturday after an impressive 55 years in business, as reported by KTLA.

The restaurant is the latest casualty of Bidenomics and Governor Newsom’s $20 minimum wage law.

Marilyn Leviton, the 91-year-old sole owner of the franchise since its opening in 1969, cited a combination of devastating economic factors for the closure. Among them, California’s recent legislation that raised the minimum wage for fast food workers to an untenable $20 per hour proved too burdensome.

In September, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed a law raising the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 per hour.

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