Europa ‘The Last Battle’ is a 10 part Docu-series produced by Tobias B. and focuses on internal sabotage at the end of World War 1 that has devastated Germany, and exposing its new Weimar government riddled with corrupt men plundering what is left, all while overseeing the destruction of German culture and its social order. After it all collapses, one man manages to turn it all around in just a few short years. When Germany’s people begin to prosper and start to live happily, the enemy declares war and seeks to destroy the German people once and for all. The true events surrounding World War 2 that you were never taught in history class, read about in your school’s history books, saw on your television, or ever stumbled upon in a social media feed. And yet, it all happened. Scrubbed from the historical record and lost… until now.

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  1. This is a must see documentary for anyone who wants to know BOTH sides of the story of our recent past history. History is written by the winners. Here is a window into the past from another perspective. You will know more about this history than most professors once you have seen all 11 parts.