Tanya Gaw, founder of Action4Canada, provides Weekly News Updates on current issues that are important to Canadians.
In this week’s special report Tanya provides information to counter the rising anti-semitism that is being fuelled by carefully crafted messaging coming from the United Nations and NGO’s who are funding a strategic mis-information war against Israel. The media is the propaganda arm relaying their anti-Israel rhetoric to the world and it is critical to counter that information with facts.

Peace in the middle east is an oxymoron. Islam = a violent political system. Yet many people are choosing to ignore what is going on in the 56 Islamic countries surrounding Israel. Christians and non-muslims are being brutally persecuted since the creation of Islam and yet those lives and cries for help are completely ignored. This begs the question, why is Trudeau hyper-focused on the Palestinians? Why has he ignored the desperate cries of the persecuted Christians throughout Islam. What is he getting in return?

Supporting Israel does not mean supporting Netanyahu whose actions, or lack thereof regarding the border breach, has come under rightful scrutiny. Consider if the events of October 7th took place in Canada and it was Canadian citizens who were barbarically slaughtered and hundreds of hostages taken. We would expect that our allies would not only support Canada but also assist us in defending our borders, eliminating the threat and do whatever was necessary to get our loved ones back. Support for Canada would not however mean that they support a treason dictator like Trudeau.

Israel as a nation has a right to exist and the people of Israel have a right to expect protection and the return of their family members who are being held hostage. If Israel goes down the West is next. We are already experiencing mass Islamic infiltration and the more support given to the Palestinians only emboldens them. They are bullying and threatening government officials, universities, school boards, businesses and citizens.  They are making anti-Canadian demands and bringing hate and violence to our streets. We must unite in order to shut down this threat. Please watch and share this report.
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