An address to the “No to Agenda 2030” conference in Rome, Italy

Robert W Malone MD. MS

June 15m 2024

In my opinion, the promoted fear of the current “Avian Influenza” strain is one example of “Disease X,” which the WHO has been warning of.  However, “Avian influenza” is not the threat to human health that it is being promoted to be.  To the best of my knowledge, there have been no documented human deaths from this version of Bird Flu, and there is no evidence that it is being transmitted from human to human in a regular or sustained fashion.  This appears to be another example of “Psychological Bioterrorism”, which is the focus of this lecture.

Psychological Bioterrorism

This discussion is augmented by the 2017 disclosures of Dr. Alexander Kouzminov, an ex-intelligence operative who worked for the Soviet-Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) during the 1980-90s and who specialized in intelligence operations involving bioweapons-related activities in target countries before he resigned from the SVR and emigrated to New Zealand.

What is Psychological Bioterrorism?

“Psychological” or “Information Bioterrorism” involves the use of fear of an infectious disease to control people and their behavior.  It is a very effective method for mass manipulation of populations and works by creating a state of heightened anxiety and fear of death in the people who are targeted.  This fear is often grounded in misleading, poorly documented historical stories- essentially folk tales or parables- about historic pandemics of very dangerous diseases.

Often, these parables have little relevance to modern society with its sophisticated sanitary practices, hospital networks, and wide spectrum of antibiotics, antifungals, antiparasitics, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

One example of such a story is the tale of the global “Spanish Influenza” pandemic of 1918. This story has long been used to justify the need for mass annual influenza vaccination to avoid a future influenza pandemic. But this story is misleading folklore. It has been repeated for over a century since these events occurred and still incites deep fear in the minds of many.

The truth is that the waves of mass death from infectious disease, which did occur around 1918, were not really due to the H1N1 Influenza strain, which DID infect and cause upper respiratory sickness in many people all over the world- but did not actually cause mass death.   Instead, current scientific analysis indicates that these deaths were primarily due to bacterial pneumonia, which co-circulated with the H1N1 influenza virus, together with inappropriate use of non-pharmaceutical public health measures, including masks, and inappropriate dosing with a newly discovered pharmaceutical drug – aspirin.  A much more nuanced reality, but not one that supports the need for annual influenza vaccination.

The recent global surge in propaganda concerning the strain of H5N1 (Avian Influenza) that is now circulating in large chicken flocks (and a wide range of wild birds) provides a great case study of how a Psychological or Information Bioterrorism event campaign is crafted and deployed.

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