by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

June 14, 2024

Part 1 On My Blog—

This is unbelievable .

We have an NDP MP from Manitoba who seldom comes in person to Ottawa to perform her MP duties but has to go in person , with her husband and two  children accompanying  her, to Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa during Christmas Time —-its a Christmas Holiday —that ‘s what it is , for the whole family and a lot of the expense paid for by you and me.

This MP is part of a Party that did a deal with the Liberals to keep the Liberals in power. Her critic position means nothing—zero. . She is using this false critic position to cover for a Christmas  vacation for her and her family in Ontario and Quebec, much  of it on the taxpayers dime.

Allowing MP ‘s to participate online in Parliamentary business was a Covid measure which the MP’s have now extended to non covid work. Give an inch they will take a yard.

This MP can’t get to Ottawa that often to do legitimate work but wow family and all to Ottawa, Montreal , Quebec City for illegitimate work. She was in Ottawa for fewer than 30 days when the Parliament was open for 70 days for the period in question. But a jaunt to Quebec city during Christmas with family—???

And there is the report of her going to Windsor , Ontario to talk to someone about recreational facilities .—a soccer  facility???She had to go to Windsor to learn about financing soccer facilities for  indigenous youth in Northern Manitoba!!How insulting is that! Apparently her husband went to school and university in Windsor.

It’s entitlement run wild. And even to Detroit, USA?  In Detroit she met with anti democratic Congresswoman Talib.

Where are the written reports of this MP’s meetings, with whom, for how long, what was the subject matter?

And in this same report there’s the revelation that Conservative and NDP MP’s held so called ‘caucus  meetings ‘ while attending a  Party Convention —not a Parliamentary Convention —. Apparently the new flexible rules allows for caucus meetings to be paid for by us ——-but this was a Party event and the Conservatives and the NDP MP’s stretched the rules , got together , called it a caucus meeting , and claimed expenses.

These are our MP’s folks —-law breakers as well as law makers .

If this Manitoba NDP MP is that interested in saving the French language, she could start in her own Province in and around Winnipeg——3.8%of Manitobans speak French.  Perhaps she could help increase that number —would be a lot less expense  on the taxpayer —-!! I jest!

We all know that would not fit a vacation definition.

As far as The Conservatives and NDP conventions are concerned Canadians should now know, , if they did not already, that our MP’s are in it for themselves , the voter is just an necessary appendage to access the money and false prestige.

We need to start again —-a wholesale cleaning —-in order to have a chance to retain some vestige of representative  and responsible government.