“It [NSICOP report] highlights how China and India are interfering with Canadian media content through direct engagement with journalists and media executives.”

by Brad Salzberg

June 13, 2024

Lest Canadians believe that interference from foreign governments is limited to members of Parliament, a new revelation from intelligence oversight committee Chairman David McGuinty has added additional fuel to the file:

“All forms of media, including mainstream media, are being subjected to interference by bad actors,” stated Liberal MP David McGuinty this week.

“Foreign interference is definitely in the media, and it is singled out in the review, not only in our most immediate review but in our past review,” McGuinty told reporters Wednesday.

“You should read it and take it to your owners and editors.”

And if they did, what would transpire? A shocking reversal of media positioning on federal politics in Canada? Highly unlikely. As with the case of accusations of potentially “treasonous” behaviour from Canadian MPs, the phenomena have long-term history.

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