Media in our country refuse to draw a direct line between Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, China and the erosion of democracy in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg

June 9, 2024

“The Weekly Wrap: Some MPs and Senators Have Betrayed Our Country. What Are We Going To Do About It?”

“The biggest news this week by far was the report produced by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) on foreign interference in Canadian politics.”

“This treason could be the tip of the iceberg.”

While Canada undergoes unprecedented political chaos, a glaring omission continues to escape media scrutiny. It goes like this: how on earth did we get here?

As in, how did a western democracy rooted in rule-of-law arrive at a condition whereby unnamed Parliamentarians are accused of collusion with foreign governments– acts that may legally qualify as treason.

Media don’t much like getting to the root of an undermining of democratic governance in our country. In 2024, it’s more than likely due to the entity who pays their editors and journalists to do their jobs: PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.