Story by Post Media

Toronto Sun

June 9, 2024

Traitors who conspire with foreign countries, in particular China and India, to undermine our democracy and our security.

Although many people in Ottawa have the list of these traitors, we still don’t know who they are.

Because no one wants to reveal their name!

And there are good reasons why: They’re not just found in the Liberal Party, but in other parties as well, including the fake Conservatives.

Pat, this is not just a corruption scandal.

This is another entirely predictable consequence of Trudeau’s policies of mass immigration and radical multiculturalism, supported by Poilievre and Singh.

Although the names of these traitors are still being kept secret, we can pretty much guess who they are:

Immigrants who haven’t integrated into our society and adopted our values, and are more loyal to their country of origin than to Canada.

This is what living in a “post-national country” is about.

We have party leaders who all play identity politics and constantly pander to ethnic and religious minorities, instead of promoting policies that are good for ALL Canadians.

Millions of immigrants who don’t care about Canadian identity and culture, but are just here to take advantage of our economy and social programs.

And foreign agents pretending to represent Canadians, who betray our country but are protected by the political establishment.

Pat, there aren’t just a few traitors in Ottawa – THEY ALL ARE!

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