by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

June 8, 2024

The Premier , Government of BC , and The Legislature Of BC Should Ensure Dr. Bonnie Henry Is No Longer The Province’s Public Health Officer!

In a stunning revelation a very important public servant in BC  declares that she believes illicit drugs should be legalized .

In a Global news article and I quote

‘B.C.’s premier says he disagrees with the province’s top doctor when it comes to the legalization of illicit drugs.’

The top doctor, so called , Dr. Bonnie Henry,  confirmed that was her opinion when questioned before a Federal Parliamentary Committee—legalize illicit drugs.

And she is still the top doctor.

Our Premier says that’s not a problem because he and the top doctor agree on 90% of everything else.

Well it is a problem.

Because the drug problem in this province has been a disaster and Premier Eby and the top doctor are two of the people responsible for this failed public policy . The top doctor can be fired and that should happen——Now.

Government’s own statistics has over 13,000 dead from illicit  drug use since 2016.

Does that not show a failed policy??

Who is accountable????

The province has been in a public health emergency because of this drug issue since that year —2016 —8 years!!!

Eby’s new position on being opposed to drug legalization I suspect has more to do with politics than public health policy.

But how many people is Dr. Henry influencing in the bowels of the Government and what other positions does she hold on social policy that are at odds with the majority of legislators and citizens?

She is a present danger to the well being of this Province and no one will call her out.

Or the Premier or the Minister of Health .

These people are escaping two provincial public health disasters—the management of covid and the management of illicit drug  use  —-thousands have died and many more thousands have been injured.

Is common sense ever to return —-will the people seek accountability??



  1. People don’t care about anything until it affects them directly. Otherwise they are content to mindlessly virtue signal on social media parroting whatever narrative the establishment media is pushing. In 2020 it was all Bonnie Henry worship and I don’t recall any public figures pushing back and the few that spoke out were drowned out by the mob. Bonnie Henry and David Eby are still pushing experimental injections onto six month old infants and no one cares. Good luck getting accountability from any of the political parties because they were all complicit as were the millions of British Columbian’s who cheered on her tyranny. Special mention to BC United MLA Shirley Bond who was Bonnie Henry’s number one fan.