June 7, 2024

Beginning in November 2021, the Liberal government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, mandated that 275,983 employees from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, military, and main federal departments provide proof of vaccination. According to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) documents, vaccine injuries rose from 14 in 2020 to a whopping 128 in 2021, with the vast majority being attributed to Moderna’s experimental COVID injection. The CAF’s 2021 numbers show that 128 out of 162,190, or 1 out of 1,267, doses resulted in an injury. In 2022, the number of injuries was even higher at 223 out of 63,962 doses, or 1 out of 287 doses.

A report from June 2022 showed that the CAF Director of Military Careers Administration voiced their concerns about maintaining “credibility” regarding the public perception of the military if they would follow the Trudeau government’s lead to end its federal workplace vaccine mandate on June 2022. The mandate for the military to get the COVID jab was only lifted months later in October 2022. Hundreds of experienced soldiers left the military due to these mandates and recruitment numbers have dwindled.

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