“University of British Columbia (UBC) is hiring a new research chair position and explicitly stated that the position is not for able-bodied straight white men.”

by Brad Salzberg

June 7, 2024

When a figure who spends as much time in the public eye as billionaire Elon Musk criticizes “woke” political machinations in Canada, you know it’s serious business.

Or should be.

This week, the tech mogul tweeted out a query related to what exists as an example of systemic prejudice in Canada:

“Is this legal in Canada? the billionaire owner of Tesla and X said in response to another post mocking the research chair posting from the UBC School of Dentistry for its exclusion of “white heterosexual males.”

In truth, this is far from a unique example. More and more, as fueled by our Liberal government, job opportunities are being stamped “no whites permitted” in Canada. The wording may be inverted– “must be a racialized Canadian” and such, but the intent is clear as crystal.

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