El-Cheikh said he received “a lot of feedback from our teams from coast to coast” and that many schools were aware of the protest and “are trying to pull a fast one and do the flag-raising ceremony on the 4th or the 5th [of June].”

by David Krayden

The Post Millennial

June 6, 2024

June, which is widely described as “Pride month” or even the beginning of “Pride season” in Canada and internationally to celebrate LGBTQ+ ideology, is now a time for schools to hoist the “Pride flag” and insist that all students join in. The organizer of the Million Person March for parental rights has urged parents opposed to woke indoctrination in Canada’s school system to pull their children from school as many schools across the nation raise the Pride flag.

The month should be renamed as “My Child June,” Kamel El-Cheikh told The Post Millennial in an exclusive interview.


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