“They showed him [Trudeau] trying to go to an event a couple of days ago and there were probably 50 cops as his escort because Canadians are pissed off.”

by Brad Salzberg

June 2, 2024

“Justin Trudeau surprised diners when he stopped by a restaurant in Toronto for a bite this week. North York Turkish joint, Mustafa, shocked and wowed their audience on social media when they posted a photo of their staff smiling alongside Trudeau.”

In fact, reaction on social media was awash with sarcasm, many agreeing that this style of ethnic restaurant is the only kind our PM can safely visit. Apart from curry houses in Brampton, ON and Surrey, BC it may well be true.

That Trudeau is an unpopular prime minister is understood by most Canadians. At this point in his tenure, our PM has transitioned to a condition maintained by political leaders in authoritarian states. Hated and reviled they may be, but remain regardless.

Without question, Justin Trudeau is the most “dictator-like” national leader our country has ever had. Not that media position it this way. After nine-years of neo-dictatorial leadership, legacy media still back their funding source, though the degree of elan has certainly subsided.

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