Immigrants who come to Canada as children do better in the workforce and make more money than the average Canadian.

by Brad Salzberg

June 1, 3034

April 24th, 2024: “Immigrants who come to Canada as children do better in the workforce and make more money than not only those newcomers who arrive here later in life but also the average Canadian, a Statistics Canada report reveals.”

Anathema to Liberal government positioning, studies of this nature belie an accepted media narrative portraying new arrivals to our country as perpetual sufferers. Further exploration reveals a plethora of data that circumvents mainstream media’s depiction of our 3rd World communities as the “have-nots” of Canadian society:

“Recent Immigrants More Likely To Be Employed Than Those Born In Canada”

February 27th, 2023“New immigrants are now more likely to be employed than their peers born in Canada.” 

Upon which we drill down on the evidence. Statistics Canada offer up findings of this nature which rarely, if ever, are disseminated by legacy media. Why would this be? If our Liberal government’s coveted migrant communities are thriving, why not inject the information into the lifeline of society?

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