Patrick Bet-David is joined by Chris Cuomo and Dave Smith as they debate Donald Trump’s guilty verdict, the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and lockdowns, and whether the NIH-funded gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Chris Cuomo vs Dave Smith Debate: COVID 19, Mandates & Trump’s Guilty Verdict | PBD Podcast | Ep 419


00:00 – Show intro
00:30 – Vincent Oshana welcomes the audience to the podcast
02:00 – Patrick explains the back story for the Chris Cuomo vs Dave Smith debate.
07:40 – Dave Smith explains why he wanted to debate Chris Cuomo.
12:00 – Chris explains why he won’t apologize for his coverage of COVID-19.
18:00 – Dave Smith responds to Chris’ claims that the COVID-19 wasn’t Totalitarian.
30:00 – Chris debates Dave about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.
37:00 – Dave asks Chris about claims he was hiding in his basement during COVID-19.
1:00:00 – The debate over CNN’s coverage of Joe Rogan taking Ivermectin
1:15:00 – Chris explains what he regrets about his coverage of COVID-19.
1:25:00 – Reaction to Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 counts
1:44:00 – Donald Trump’s chances to win in 2024
1:48:00 – The debate over COVID-19 lockdowns
2:07:00 – The debate over Gain of Function Research for the COVID-19 virus
2:35:00 – Why the Biden administration wants to keep the U.S. – Mexico border open.

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