by Brad Salzberg

May 31, 2024

In the spirit of equitability, Canada’s National Post has done what no other media outlet dares to indulge in. A new report by the Calgary-based think tank Aristotle Foundation spills the beans on the topic of race and poverty in Canada:

“64.4 per cent of the group living in poverty are white.” In other words, a majority of Canadians.

Well, would you get a load of that. Yes, fellow patriots, it is possible that hardship can befall Canadian citizens of Anglo-European heritage. Of course, you would never know it by way of CBC, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and the rest of our Liberal government’s “in-the-pocket” press outlets.

Canadians of all backgrounds should understand the way race-relations roll in PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society. For our Liberal government, racial hardship is a one-way street of white on non-white oppression.

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