by Jon Rappoport

May 20, 2024

How shatteringly dumb can they be?

I pick those sites because they’re big, conservative, and they support Trump all the way.

Trump—who still praises the massively destructive COVID vaccines. Still extols his own disastrous Warp Speed program.

What makes his followers think he wouldn’t head up another Warp Speed as President for the second time, if his aides told him a new (fake) pandemic was on the way?

After all, self-pride is Trump’s unshakable rock.

And what about the hideous passivity Trump exhibited in 2020, when lockdowns took over America and wrought wall to wall economic smoking catastrophe? We’re supposed to ignore this history?

Where are Gateway Pundit and Revolver on that Trump failure? He was so monumentally stupid he failed to recognize the damage the lockdowns would cause? He couldn’t grab his bully pulpit and tell the American people he, as President, would never allow the population to be imprisoned in their own homes?

Trump was such a gullible idiot, he bought Fauci’s prediction from England claiming 2 million Americans would die from COVID during the upcoming summer of 2020. Trump never brought in independent medical analysts to assess the jackass British computer model. Instead, he folded up his tent and gave in.

He opted for the destruction of what he stood for: the US economy.

How about telling that story, Gateway Pundit and Revolver? How about covering, for example, the enduring effects of the lockdowns on today’s massive office space vacancies, and the continuing life and death struggles of small businesses, which were torpedoed by the COVID stay-at-home orders?

You really believe the economy has recovered from what Trump did to it? You’re kidding, right?

As for the southern border, remember when The Don, ensconced in the Oval Office, promised to declare the Mexican cartels terrorist organizations? His BIG promise?

And then he met with that flaccid goon, Mex President Obrador, a day or two before fulfilling his promise—Obrador, whose official policy on the cartels was HUGS, NOT BULLETS—and Trump came away from that meeting saying he thought Obrador was a good guy and he could work with him and there was no need to declare the cartels terrorists.1 Uh-huh.

What makes you think Trump’s present promises and bloviations about the border, immigration, and the cartels deserve our faith?

Because Trump is talking a better game than he did the first time around?

Because, unlike then, he “really means it” this time?

Really meaning it is what Trump does best. That’s his skill. The art of the deal. MAKING THE DEAL, not living up to it.

Gateway Pundit, Revolver, you can’t see that at this late date?

You’ve been shining Trump’s lamp like it’s a new sun on the horizon—and not just because Biden is far worse. No. It’s because you’re buying what Trump is selling.

He’s selling promises. Feelings. Hope.

The same hope he demolished when he was in the White House.

You know that, I know that, everybody knows that.

So why not admit it?

Wipe the slate clean and start over.

Don’t be dumb jackasses.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

— Jon Rappoport