Liberal MP Dzerowicz said she took the vandalism as a threat and has contacted police. “Toronto will burn is a threat,” she said.

by Brad Salzberg

May 30,  2024

Liberal MP Pam Damoff continues to complain about being harassed by constituents. Three recent articles from Canada’s National Post speak of a rapid rise in cases of Member of Parliament intimidation, particularly toward representatives from our current Liberal government.

CAP point to an interesting commonality within the world of Canadian media. Never does the press consider what likely exists as the number one motivation for voter displeasure: tightly-wound hatred of the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Why omit the obvious? To say that this polarizing political figure has overstayed his welcome is a pathetic joke. Trudeau and his woke regurgitations are so long-in-the-tooth they make a T-Rex’s overbite look mild in comparison.

In this regard, the PM maintains a steady discourse:

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  1. Trudeau Freeland and that Raghead from India need to GTFOOC…..figure it out….they are doing the work of the WEF, globalists, and banking cartels