From Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau to Jagmeet Singh, Canada’s political trajectory is one of transition from democracy to neo-authoritarianism.

by Brad Salzberg

May 29, 2024

Returning to the roots of democracy delivers a poignant declaration on governance:

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s(1712-1778) social contract theory put forth the proposition that “a people is free when it is governed by its own laws.”

“This is accomplished through the general will, which is like a collective idea of the common good, and through the election of members of government.”

To apply the principle to contemporary Canadian society is a sad joke. It’s been this way for the past half-century. Beginning with former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau in the late 1960’s, politics in Canada began to morph away from western democratic principles.

Trudeau Sr. served up two fundamental breaches of true democracy:

Multiculturalism, unilaterally implemented by a Liberal government, contained not a shred of public input or buy-in. Placing the nascent re-orientation on steroids is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a piece of social weaponry designed to transfer power to the political fringes, special interest non-profit organizations, and “minority” communities.

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