by Jon Rappoport

May 28, 2024

Dear Bob,

As I predicted, your Presidential campaign was a disaster. You tried to be a man for all seasons, and it didn’t work out. At all.

You spoke on many, many, many issues, and you made a hash out of most of them.

But as President, I can use you. For one job.

You’re going to head up the Vaccine Division of the FDA. That’s right.

I assure you, the man I’m going appoint as the next FDA Commissioner will give you a completely open field in which to operate.

You’ll have access to all government data on all vaccines on the CDC schedule, going back in time.

You’re going to expose the deadly truth about every vaccine. In great detail. You’ll hold many press conferences along the way.

That’s your new job. On all other issues, you’ll keep your mouth shut.

I’m going to do what Trump started to do after his election in 2016. Of course, he pulled back in a cowardly fashion, after he gave you the green light to head up a task force investigating vaccine safety and efficacy.1

Now, you’ll REALLY do it.

No holds barred.

You’re going to hold public hearings. Parent after parent after parent with brain damaged children who suffered grave vaccine injuries will testify.

You’ll show America what “the autism epidemic” is really all about.

You’re going to rip a huge hole in fake medical reality. Once and for all.

In other words, you’re going to do WHAT YOU SHOULD have done on the Presidential campaign trail.

Forget your theme of “unifying the country.” You’re going to IMMERSE the country in the truth.

I’m going to promote the hell out of you, and make sure you have ongoing access to the American people. So don’t let me down.

You’re going to be my tiger, bringing the heat and the teeth.

Start now by compiling a list of doctors and researchers who will go to the wall for us. I don’t want any pantywaists who pretend that most vaccines are wonderful, and only dare to criticize a few shots. They’re inveterate liars, and they’ll turn against us.

And by the way, you can drop that nonsensical statement of yours—“I’m not against vaccines, I just want to make them safer and more effective.” You know that was ridiculous.

Listen up: