Constitutional Change Remote Right Now . So Let’s Get Honesty back . That Alone Will Provide Greater Democracy!

Professor Bruce Pardy’s Suggestion Re: Changing The Constitution Is Naive. What About The Supremacy Of God ? Honesty?

Part 1

An interesting history lesson is Mr. Pardy’s ’ latest offer on the website C2C Journal . We have erred ,and without giving a full explanation , he suggests we must re-open the constitution to new principles in order to see meaningful change.

But he knows as well as anyone the chances of opening the Constitution for amendment are close to zero right now. If tried it would only further divide an already splintered country because of the many items to be proposed by the Provinces. Quebec and Alberta are salivating at the thought. The Constitutional Process is not something that sees one agenda item or only one person’s ideas. It is a bargaining session of long duration with many players at the table and many more actively influencing those at the table.

Not good timing!!

But what is perplexing is that there not one word from Mr. Pardy about the governments and courts ignoring the first words of the Charter or the deliberate disfiguring of Section 1 .

If we had the major players insisting on these concepts of Supremacy of God and Rule of Law being a necessary consideration by Governments and Courts in Charter issues this mess we are presently in would be greatly reduced.

That’s our problem—no one wants to live within a Judaeo Christian framework anymore; reject the past, tear down the statues of our history, reject a moral code that has served us well, and let there be a free for all. A Gaza like irrational exercise.

Governments and Courts ignore the opening words of the existing Constitution: ‘Supremacy of God and the rule of law. ‘

Encroaching secularism as history proves leads to degradation and decay—as we see it already unfolding.

What nations have been most successful? It is no coincidence it is those with their grounding through the Supremacy of God and the Judaeo Christian moral code.

Look around the western world today and there is a popular protest against that lack of honesty and morality as the secular state tries to install a cold , regulatory system that denies God and the integrity and morality that it entails. The Netherlands , historically one of the leaders in economic and political reform , is suddenly seeing the error of its ways . Witness the UK’s s decline as Judaeo Christian ways give way to political correctness and wokeism and dogma inconsistent with civilized life. Note the treatment of Tommy Robinson. Then there is the Finnish MP , Paivi Rasanen who has been facing criminal charges because she quoted the Bible and has views on sexuality different than those of the Government .

Part 11

So, what is the point of adding other words or concepts if they will just be ignored or twisted ? Much like Supremacy of God and rule of law and Section 1 are now being ignored /twisted?

We must make our system honest first !

The vehicles through which Constitutional Change would have to be implemented are dishonest. We must reform these before we begin channelling anything more through them.

So that is where my Magna Carta comes in, first publicly presented on the steps of BC Legislative Building 2 years ago.

It includes:

A. The political parties through which Parliament and Governments operate do not publish annual audited financial statements of their parties. Isn’t this a necessary pre requisite to get an honest system before we begin constitutional reform or honest lawmaking? Can political parties hide their financials and be considered legitimate?

B.  Should not MP’s who break the law be ineligible from serving in the House of Commons? And similarly in the Provincial Legislatures? Right now we have a Prime Minister sitting in the House of Commons who has broken the Conflict of Interest law five times! And there he sits and pronounces , brazenly flaunting honest and integrity. And all the other MP’s of all parties endorse this corruption.

How can you expect honourable and valid laws if one allows law breakers to make them?

Surely our earlier reformers would be opposed to how their creation has been desecrated!

C.  Then there is the remnants of our Federal Parliament—desperately needing rules repair and its authority restored.  Witness the recent SNC Lavalin debacle where a former Minister of the Crown was denied the right to testify before a parliamentary committee to give relevant evidence about matters on the issue when she was in Cabinet.  The tyranny of the majority must be constrained, the parliamentary committees reformed and their powers increased.

D. As part of this last reform Executive Government must cease . Right now the Prime Minister’s office employs  almost 1500 people. That’s in addition to all the Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers and other Governor In Council appointments.  etc that the PM appoints. We need to get back to the legitimate role of Parliament , Cabinet and The Judiciary as envisioned by our Constitution as written and unwritten (convention).

The present system undermines Parliament, the peoples house. And it’s happening in the Provinces too!!!

E. Then there is the Judiciary, which through this last four years ( but even before that) has denied independent science and lost its independence . It has become nothing more that an spokesman for the state . Imagine a  place that denies millions of its citizens the right to know whether a government policy that has affected them negatively is constitutional or not, all based on the excuse of a court devised regulation. Hiding behind such a manoeuvre is the antithesis of a Parliamentary democracy.  Additionally, the denial of basic human rights of assembly and worship based on Government’s flimsy science while Walmart and Costco remained largely unaffected makes a mockery of our Charter.

When our Chief Justice can opine publicly on the trucker situation without evidence and knowing his court would likely have to rule on issues related to the trucker issue in the future speaks most eloquently to how broken our system really is. The conflicted Rouleau Commission was an embarrassment and a blight on our democratic tradition. Add to that the tragic stories of the injured and dead Canadians as a result of government covid policies , and the stories of Shelia Annette Lewis, Dr. Eric Payne, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Francis Christian, Dr. Mark Trozzi  , Dr. Jordan Peterson and others , and the sickness of our system becomes overwhelming.

Obviously, Parliament needs to be more involved in the Judicial arrangement of our country and with more transparency. The judiciary is to interpret law not to make law. Like all human institutions it inflates its power when the opportunity arises as is the case now with an incompetent political leadership class. They must be given new marching orders.

My Magna Carta has many other points without triggering any constitutional change and yet enhancing and restoring democracy.

And are all available on my blog—


The point is that new ideas and proposals for constitutional change are welcome but at this moment the overriding necessity is to restore honesty to our existing constitutional arrangement so that the failures described will not be repeated in whatever the future constitutional arrangements happen to be.

If as much energy was expended on restoring honesty in our system through ideas like are in my Magna Carta as there is in castigating our Constitution we would not be in the sad condition in which we find ourselves.

And if our Charter provision of Supremacy of God and the rule of law were being promoted by our law faculties, law societies, think tanks and by the many other leaders in our society as are criticizing the present Constitution, we would not be a perfect society but we would be a far more honest and democratic one than is presently the case .

It is after we restore honesty that Constitutional Change should occur. Otherwise we perpetrate a broken system and pretend we are democratic.

After this restoration we would have an environment more honest under God , and hence more conducive to deliberate sober reflection and Constitutional change.

Hon Brian Peckford P.C. 

Signatory To The Constitution Act 1982