The Liberals are the financial life-blood of Canadian media, and do not want voters to become aware of changing political tides in Europe.

by Brad Salzberg

May 27, 2024

You won’t be hearing about it from federally-funded state broadcaster CBC News, but a “right-leaning” political realignment in Europe looks as if it’s ready-to-roll.

While Canada’s uber-globalist Toronto Star has touched on the topic, thus far they stand alone. It makes good sense that few media outlets in our country will touch this topic. Our ruling Liberal government are the financial life-blood of mainstream media, and they do not want Canadians getting wind of changing political tides in Europe.

“EU Parliamentary Elections Are Approaching And Populists Are Planning A Frontal Assault On The Establishment”

Make no mistake, prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau wants as few Canadians as possible to comprehend the magnitude of the development. Pourquoi? One reason relates to his socio-political priorities.

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