MASSIVE NEWS The WHO pandemic treaty has FAILED!
Huge development as countries fail to reach a deal on the new pandemic accord. This is a tremendous victory for freedom. The globalist agenda of unifying the world under the WHO has failed – For now. After several years of negotiations, the World Health Organization pandemic treaty has failed as countries cannot come to a deal.
The WHO had hoped that a final draft of the pandemic treaty could be agree upon by the time the yearly meeting takes place on Monday in Geneva. This comes shortly after news broke that Britain REFUSED to sign the treaty saying they would only sign it if it didn’t undermine their sovereignty.
And Slovakia said they REJECTED the treaty. Earlier, 22 U.S Senators signed a letter where they rejected the pandemic treaty. Despite not being able to come up with a deal, the WHO still have not given up hope on the pandemic treaty for the future, with Dr. Tedros saying they ”will try everything…because the world still needs a pandemic treaty”. In short, the pandemic treaty has failed, but the WHO is not giving up. They want to do everything they can to somehow make this happen. If you actually had a look at what the treaty said, it is quite frightening.
If the WHO declared a pandemic, then they could come with “recommendations” telling countries to vaccinate people, give medication and even to quarantine and contact trace. Who voted for the WHO to have that kind of power? Nobody did. They are a bunch of unelected bureaucrats that are in large part funded by none other than Bill Gates!
Last year I held a speech outside the WHO headquarters in Geneva at a protest against the pandemic treaty. I have written many articles EXPOSING the agenda. Now the pandemic treaty has failed. If you appreciate the hard work that I have been doing as an independent journalist, bringing people the TRUTH about what is happening behind their backs, please support my work by becoming a paid subscriber. With your support I can do even more to EXPOSE the mainstream narrative AND you get bonus content. Thank you. And please SHARE – This is very good news!