BCU has given CPBC a proposal where they would run in 46 seats (including all of their incumbents) and CPBC would run in 47 seats.
They claim this is a reasonable offer. But here is the rest of the story:
Polling from the past week shows that if the two parties combined under the CPBC, we would have a 6 point lead over the NDP. If the two parties combined under the BCU, the NDP would have a 20 point lead. In other words, under the proposal that the BCU put forward, every seat the BCU were running in would end up with an NDP win.
This is why we rejected their offer as it would all but assure an NDP government. BCU is clearly putting their own interests ahead of what is best for the province.
We have been open to having conversations for many months. We were told where to go or that Falcon would be dictating the terms. Clearly their position has NOT changed.
We remain open to discussing how to work together to defeat the NDP but any solution has to be able to provide an opportunity to defeat Eby’s NDP and their radical policies.
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  1. Quite frankly you are all the same, there is no difference between any of these parties. There is no democracy in Canada and there has not been for anytime. Eby was not elected to his seat. He made sure to defame and get the other candidate booted. Eby is not my Premiere, and Trudeau is not my or any one else’s as the last election were stolen no doubt about it. They have been selected not elected. We need a complete over hall of all governments. None of them work for Canadians and it pretty apparent that they all work for foreign corporations or China.

  2. Why not Maxine Bernie and the PPC?. Max has been the PPC ‘s who has been speaking truth from the beginning.