Open Letter To John Rustad , Leader Of The BC Conservative Party —Ideas For Reform —Bringing Back Honesty. 

It is obvious to all who live in British Columbia that you and the Party that you now lead are a major political force in the political life of the Province. That you and your Party will have a significant influence on public policy at least over the next several years.

Given that you left the Liberal Party ( now the BC United) as an elected MLA of BC and moved to the Conservative Party, and now its leader , you are well aware of how politics is ‘played’ in  this Province and Country .

I would urge you to reject the politics of the past and forge a refreshing new beginning in this regard.

Unfortunately, some of your first moves have not been encouraging . For example, appointing Candidates to run for the Party.

I submit the following as necessary reforms to help re-establish democracy in our Province :

A. You should reject the easy, undemocratic process of appointing candidates for the various ridings. A local association should be established and that Association should conduct a nominating meeting through which the Party’s candidate is chosen by the voters of that riding. Accountability and transparency, and democratic leadership are best served using this process.

B. Being an elected MLA you are well aware of the conflict of interest legislation in this Province . A MLA can break the law and still sit in the legislature . It is all up to what the Conflict of Interest Commissioner decides and recommends to the Legislature , Section 22 of the relevant Conflict of Interest Act.

You should have in your platform that you will as a Government propose an Amendment to The Act ensuring that if an MLA has violated the law as determined by the independent Conflict of Interest Commissioner , that MLA should automatically be disqualified from serving in the Legislature . Lawmakers should not be able to be lawbreakers. How undemocratic is that!!

C. Society must cleanse itself of the coercion, , intimidation, lack of freedom , and lies of the last few ‘ covid’ years. Truth has been raped , medical science ravaged.

Many are afraid to speak because just about everything today involves Government, directly or indirectly.  So people are afraid to confront their doctor or others in positions of power. There are 5 million without a doctor in Canada , almost one million in this Province.

Many citizens have been injured and some died as a result of un necessary lockdowns and mandates leading to delays in specialist appointment and surgery. . Others were injured and died as a result of the experimental vaccines . There has been no responsible accounting of these tragic circumstances.

Society cannot move on until those responsible are brought to Justice.

It is hard to believe that only one Provincial Inquiry has been conducted , even though Health is a Provincial responsibility constitutionally,  and that was a very flawed one with the Government ( Alberta) controlling the whole process ( terms of reference and members of the inquiry) , the Legislature sidelined,  a blatant conflict of interest. The Rouleau Commission was a Federal Government controlled event , the Government establishing the terms of reference and appointing the inquiry Commissioner,  and the National Citizens Inquiry has been embroiled in ethics violations and infighting among its leaders.

You now have a golden opportunity to do things right.

I recommend that you state now as part of the Party platform that if you are  elected Premier that you will initiate an independent inquiry supervised by the people elected to serve—-a multi party legislative committee to hold public hearings.

All Government Departments and agencies will have to provide information and testify before the Committee as requested and under oath. And the Minister of Health , the Public Health Officer and the Premier who oversaw the Province’s covid response will be required to appear. And all other Provincial public servants and agents and agencies of the Government as determined by the Committee.

The Committee will be required to call independent medical experts  from around the world , mandatory to have experts from the Government of the State of Florida , and experts from the Government of Sweden, the World Council of Health, the Children’s Health Defence  and the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

Additionally,  it will be mandatory for the Committee to call Dr. Charles Hoffe and personnel of The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons to determine why Dr. Hoffe has been so maliciously maligned by the College.

The Committee will be required to call  Dr. Douglas Allen,  Dr. Steve Pelich , Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dr. Byram Bridle and Dr. Eric Payne for their testimony concerning Governments’ covid response. These are world class Canadian experts . And the Committee will be required to call vaccine experts , to determine the adverse events situation and having Dr. Jessica Rose appear, a Canadian with a stellar International reputation in adverse events and others of her stature..

The Committee will be required  to call constitutional experts and not just Government experts , but including experts from the Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, Canadian Constitutional Foundation, the Civil Liberties Association , Mr. Bruce Pardy of the Fraser Institute , The Canadian Association For The Advancement of Science In Public Policy and other National and International experts as determined by the Committee.

The Committee will be provided with the budget necessary and hold hearings in all regions of the Province.

The Committee will meet for at least a year and be granted extensions by the Legislature if so requested by the Committee.

D. In Section 4:06(c) of your Party’s  Constitution the Treasurer is to present accurate financial statements to the Annual Meetings of the Party. I applaud this commitment but I would recommend that you amend this section to be ‘audited  financial statements and that such statements be put on your Party’s website every year for all to see. ‘

E. Your Constitution in Section 6:04 says that the Elections Readiness Committee MAY establish a Candidates Review Committee. I recommend that you amend this section to make the process mandatory . The party must be democratic in all its dealings.

F. Similarly, Section 6:05 exempts the Candidate Review Committee decisions from any appeal. Once again I recommend this be amended to conform with the other appeal procedures of the Party contained in Section 17.

G. Many voters do not trust the verbal promises often made by political candidates or the written commitments as contained in a Party Platform .They seldom become law and policy with any new Government. And Resolutions passed at Party conventions are not binding on the Party if it becomes Government.

You could change this.

You could have a formal document—a contract with the people in which you outline your platform and have it signed by all Candidates for the Party.

This would gain instant credibility and go a long way in bringing integrity back to our political process.

H. I applaud the climate , vaccine , budget , taxation parts of your platform. I would recommend that you amend the platform provision on a balanced budget giving a specific time line. Many past platforms of parties have had a general commitment—and that ends up being more and more deficits , larger and larger debts. No balanced budget.

But all these positions are not binding without a formal contract as recommended above.

Why should any voter trust a Party without legally binding  commitments given the lies and broken promises of the past.

I. Given the blatant violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms by Governments and Courts during to so called pandemic period, as well as many violations even before this period, you commit to the principle that any new law or policy proposed by your government will be obligated to provide publicly written reasons of how this new law or policy conforms with the first principles our Charter : The Supremacy of God and the rule of law.

This will be a strong reminder to the Judiciary that they are in the business of upholding our Constitution , not ignoring parts of it, but interpreting all of it, and not issuing judicial fiat to changing the Constitution , an act that can only be done by the elected representatives of the people as outlined in Section 38 of the Charter.

Your public comments that you accept people of various views to the Party does not, I trust, mean that the party’s principles are to be compromised for the sake of numbers. Rather all are welcome who adhere to the Party ‘s contract with the people.

Respectfully submitted

Honorable A. Brian Peckford P.C.

Parksville , BC.

This letter has been sent to Mr. Rustad’s legislative office and the Party’s info e-mail provided on the Party’s website.



  1. Don’t hold your breath getting a response. I sent an email during covid to the same address and I got back an automated response with a donation link. Where was Rustad in 2020? The Conservatives are just as complicit in the fraud as the rest of them so it’s incredibly naive to think they would investigate anything to do with the pandemic that never was.