Justin Trudeau’s disregard for human life is entirely suspect. In this can be discovered a distorted pathology that should be understood by all Canadians.

by Brad Salzberg

May 19, 2024

A wise man once stated that when it comes to living a healthy life, one should approach “everything in moderation.” Observers of human nature recognize that when fanaticism enters the picture, equilibrium is thrown off-kilter.

In this context, a closer look at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s position on abortion in Canada reveals a fanaticism overlooked by media:

LILLEY: Trudeau’s Ongoing Abortion Rhetoric A Sign Of True Desperation”

“This year, trailing badly in the polls, Justin Trudeau is keeping up the pro-abortion rhetoric, warning women that voting for the Conservatives will put them at risk.” 

“We will keep fighting for women’s rights,” Trudeau said.

Is this really what our PM is fighting for? Or is there a deeper psycho-social dynamic at play? Political pundits understand a piece of truth– as federal election time comes round every four years, the Liberal Party of Canada begin to roll-up-the-rim on their competitor’s so-called “abortion stance.”

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