Decent into ignorance

The World Has Lost It

A. I wake up to read about a Jewish Boy in Ontario being attacked by school mates and saying they will do to him what Hamas did to the Jewish people .

The community ‘woke up ‘ and walked with the boy to school singing Oh Canada when they arrived at the school.

In New Brunswick a jewish school girl is attacked by her school mates.

B. The University of Toronto , that once bastion of higher learning , is thinking of setting up a Palestinian Institute. If this materializes , I speculate, soon to become a Palestinian mini state.

C. BBC does not know what city is the Capital of Israel and issues apology after being told of their ignorance.

D. Bill 63 in the Canadian Parliament seeks to control us through the internet. And the country yawns.

E. There is a story of Shoppers Drug Mark seeking volunteers to ‘work’ for them . In 2023 the company reported revenue of $17.2 billion dollars.

F. Justin Trudeau , the lawbreaker , is still the PM because the

MP’s in Ottawa will not ensure that if one of them breaks the law they will not qualify to be an MP.

G. I write The Leader of The Opposition in Ottawa, No answer.

H. I write  the Leader of the BC Conservative Party , no answer.

I. I write the Victoria Times Colonist in response to an editorial they wrote . No answer.

J. I read another opinion by a Canadian Judge, this time in British Columbia , which violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms , the very constitution that the Judiciary is suppose to uphold.

K. The international Community is trying to banish Israel , like the Egyptians did to the Jews in 1250 BC .

L. We watch as the Americans and the Western Europeans are ordered around by the military industrial complex to see more killing in Ukraine.

M. We watch the brazen attempt by the UN through the WHO to subvert the sovereignty of nations and have Bill Gates and his ilk rule the western world.

Just another day watching the west’s descent into ignorance.

The Honourable A. Brian Peckford