by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

May 17, 2024

The Canadian Judiciary Flunks Again —On the Constitution And The Science

Is it that hard to read these days beyond what you are fed?

It seems that way with Canada’s Judiciary.

Take the BC Supreme Court Decision by one Judge Coval of the BC Supreme Court :

Ruling that Th Public Health Officer did not violate  any of provisions  the Constitution or contradict Science by maintaining mandates for heath care workers .

First,  the Judge has violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by ignoring consideration of the opening words of the Charter and I quote :

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:”

Second , the intent of Section 1 was for it to be used in war , insurrection , the existence of the country was at stake.  There was no such condition prevailing during  the so called ‘covid pandemic.’

So , constitutionally , the Judge continues the assault on the actual words of the Charter by ignoring them and disregarding intent, a commonly used concept in many judicial decisions in Canada and internationally.

Three , The medical literature is full of evidence that  mandates do not work. Dr. Douglas W. Allen of Simon Fraser University in the Province where the Judge resides drew attention to this in his  published report of April 201 entitled “Covid Lockdown Cost/Benefits: A Critical Assessment of the Literature”. Surely  his honour has read this report reviewing 80 International studies highlighting the weak to non existent  evidence of mandates / lockdown effectiveness.

There is also the work of Japanese  researchers showing a higher incidence of cancer among those vaccinated than was traditionally the case before the covid vaccine was used,

Was the Judge aware of the work of  Hart Group ( one click away on computer) concerning  cancer and the covid vaccines? There are numerous other reports on the negatives of mandates , lockdowns  and the negative effects of covid vaccines .

Was the Judge aware of the The Great Barrington Declaration and its authors, three of the most esteemed scholars in medical research and the ongoing work of the may authors of the Brownstone Institute . A quick browse of tne  Institute’s web page would cause the judge to legitimately doubt the Government narrative to which he is so solely devoted .

For brevity, let me just record one more source: Is the Judge aware , he ought to be, of the book ‘Turtles all The Way Down “ , the Science and Myth Of Vaccines ? The book and its 1200  references is trying to be ignored by the authorities but is readily available at Amazon and produces a devastating record of medical incompetence , and wilful ignorance and deliberate deception when it comes to vaccines.

Before covid , science clearly stated the ineffectiveness of mandates , lockdowns and masks. Something changed in that approach that has never been explained . Why? Because it cannot be explained honestly.

So , scientifically, the Judge needs to update his science.

Sadly, another shining example of the state of our nation .



  1. It is so wrong that we still have judges not doing their jobs. When you have other judges that are now going against all this Covid Bio Weapon, it makes me suspect that they are given more money from the evil elites to keep Dr. Bonnie Hyde and her mandates alive. It is pure evil that no one in Canada is not speaking of the dead people from this shots, and the poor people who now have cancer, injuries all being ignored. So one judge says mandates are wrong yet another says it is okay. Just shows how corrupt our judges are. Which of course reflects on how corrupt our current liberal government is, and with BC we know Eby was not voted in and is in bed with Trudy and the Useless Evilater’s. Time to depopulate the evil people in this world.

  2. All the judge had to do was look at the data on the BC Centre for Disease Control which is diametrically opposed to the covid narrative. The reality is that judges consume legacy media and are as brainwashed as the rest of the population, in fact probably even more so. I have zero respect for judges or any elected politicians at this point. They are not fit to lead or judge us.