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May 17, 2024

Starting from the late 70s, wealthy lobbyist and socialite Craig Spence ran a sexual blackmail operation in D.C. involving underage boys where “call boys” would go on “midnight tours” of the White House. According to obtained credit card records, clients included key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, US military officers, businessmen, lawyers, bankers, congressional aides, and media stars.

Many of these parties also took place at Spence’s house, which was bugged and had secret two-way mirrors used to spy on guests. According to Spence’s body guards and various associates, Spence provided cocaine and secretly filmed people in compromising sexual encounters with the intent of extortion and blackmail.

When the ring was exposed, Spence died under mysterious circumstances. Similar to Epstein’s death, Spence’s death was quickly ruled as a suicide.

Shortly before his death, Spence told associates and reporters that he worked for the CIA, and that the call-boy operation was being investigated by federal authorities as a possible CIA front. Spence admitted that the CIA was using the service to compromise federal intelligence officials and foreign diplomats. He told them that “his life was over” now that the sex ring was exposed, and that “Casey’s boys are out to get me,” referring to then-CIA director William Casey.

According to Boston detectives handling the investigation, next to Spence’s deceased body was a newspaper clipping detailing efforts to initiate legislation that would give protection to CIA agents called upon to testify before the government.

After his career as the Nebraska State Senator, lawyer and decorated Vietnam War veteran John DeCamp became a full time investigator into the Franklin Scandal, which revealed a high-level pedophile blackmail ring in the late 80s where children—many in the foster care system—were flown across US and abused by high-powered officials. In his book The Franklin Cover-up, DeCamp discovered a network of CIA sexual blackmail operations, some of which connected the Franklin Scandal to Spence’s blackmail ring. More than a dozen people investigating the Franklin case died under mysterious circumstances.

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