by Akshay Kulkami


May 17, 2024

The B.C. Supreme Court has ruled that the province’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health-care workers was justified, based on the significant risk posed by the virus when the province’s mandate was renewed in October 2023.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry had first imposed the orders  on all workers in B.C. health-care settings in October 2021. The order was renewed in 2022 and 2023, and remains in place across B.C.

According to a judgment posted Monday, around 1,800 workers lost their jobs for being unvaccinated contrary to the mandate.

Some of those workers — which included nurse practitioners, surgeons, psychiatrists and administrators — filed separate lawsuits against the province, which were all collectively heard by Justice Simon Coval.

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  1. This is really disappointing and I say criminal. Quite frankly, these doctors that are left are screwing up so much more on their surgeries, my friend had a quick easy surgery for her gall bladder in in the morning and out after lunch, but that surgeon who is the best fucked up and nicked her small intestine. So then a 10 hour surgery to fix the problem….which did not get fixed right another fuck up and back for another 10 hour surgery. WTF? Stay healthy and stay away from any vaxxed brain washed brain dead doctors that are left. How is it that other judges are starting to go against this BS. Who the hell is paying the judges? Oh that would be Trudies useless eliters.

  2. The judge in this case was appointed in December of 2020 by David Lametti. How convenient. The judiciary in BC is corrupt and once that happens it’s time to leave.