Vancouver Island is located in the southwestern corner of the province of British Columbia, Canada. June 9 1951 Alma Hall 28 & Raymond Hall 6 Disappearance: Woss Logging, Englewood, BC Alma Hall along with her son – Raymond – left their Saskatoon, Saskatchewan home to make a long journey to visit Alma’s husband and Raymond’s Dad Thomas.


Thomas was employed by Woss Logging at W camp in Englewood at the time. The camp is situated near the Nimpkish river which was the location of a waterfall where Alma planned to take Raymond on a hike on June 9 1951. According to some loggers in the area, the pair reached the waterfall and were seen there on June 9. No one has seen them since. A search was started quickly after Glen was alerted of the disappearance and he notified the RCMP. The RCMP focused on dragging the Nimpkish river while the other searchers scoured the land all around the waterfall and river banks. After 7 days of searching, nothing of the pair was found. No trace of the two has ever been found and nothing has floated up in the river. Annie Puglas 43 Disappearance:


Missing from Alert Bay BC on April 19 1967 Kenneth Coon 5 Disappearance: Missing from Alert Bay BC on April 28 1967 Annie was the great aunt of Kenneth Coon. There are no details available on her disappearance other than the fact that she was in Alert Bay to visit relatives.… Kenneth Coon’s disappearance 9 days after Annie’s triggered a 50 officer RCMP search that resulted in no tangible results. There is a follow up article with any some more details here:

.… Yehudi Prior 2 Disappearance: Missing Sep 23 1974 Wild Duck Lake or Shawinigan Lake BC William Prior took his 2 year old son – Yehudi for some berry picking by Wild Duck Lake in the southern end of Vancouver Island. At some point during the day, the young boy vanished. William yelled Yehudi’s name and searched for him frantically without any success. He then contacted authorities for help. At one point there were 50 searchers, helicopters and tracking dogs looking for the boy. The group of searchers found no evidence of the boy being anywhere in the area! 6 days later, one last push was made to find the 2 year old. On September 29 1974, the body of Yehudi was found 4 miles (as the crow flies) north of Wild Duck Lake. The boy’s body was found in thick brush next to Hope Creek. In fact he was in a dry creek bed according to the Vancouver Sun. It is surreal to think that a 2 year old was able to reach the spot where he was found, on his own.


According to the October 24th 1974 Vancouver Sun, William and Ann Prior were telling the truth about what transpired according to a lie detector test. The unnerving fact about Yehudi is that he was found, like many other victims, in the middle of a dry creek bed. Lynn Marie Hillier 2 Missing July 24 1986 from Horne Lake Parksville BC Colleen Hillier decided to take her daughter – Lynn Marie – along with her parents on a short vacation by Horne Lake Northwest of Parksville BC. On July 24th 1986 Lynn Marie simply vanished after leaving the lake cabin slightly ahead of her grandparents. Her grandparents and parents searched for her and contacted RCMP soon after they realized Lynn Marie was nowhere to be found. The RCMP canines were brought in but they did not pick up a scent. Over 400 searchers were involved in the massive effort to find Lynn Marie. Airplanes with FLIR were unable to find the little 2 year old girl. Ernie Miner, the girl’s great grandfather, posted a $25 000 reward to anyone who could bring her in. With no success. On Aug 19, two prospectors were out to look for some hunting locations roughly 4 miles away from the Hillier lake cabin, when they found the body of a small girl under a log. The body was positively identified as that of 2 year old Lynn Marie. The coroner stated that Lynn Marie died of exposure on the second or third day after her disappearance, however both parents refuse to believe that their little girl could have made it to the rugged location above their cabin on her own. “There’s no way!” “It just doesn’t seem possible. It’s so hard to imagine her making it there on her own” – said Colleen Hillier. The February 15 2008 case of William Pilkenton was featured in one of my earlier videos.    • Disappearance of William Pilkenton Fe…  __;!!JYTOG454!KihfRHFll3n3AVoem3MKaw5td56y-nKDuO0Uf5CsAypCwFfP-BWjr7S1-5FP_R35n2QDCMk2$ The Pilkentons were also in Tofino on vacation. As is usually the case of any cluster, the total dates span over half a Century. Even though Annie Puglas and Kenneth Coon went missing only 9 days apart, the rest of the disappearances are the multiple years apart scenario that is just far enough apart to not draw public attention… All disappearances with the exception of Yehudi Prior, featured victims visiting Vancouver island from elsewhere.