A move like this could change everything.

The Vigilant Fox

May 16, 2024

World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough says that Donald Trump is missing out on the “political opportunity of a lifetime” if he doesn’t soon reverse course on the disastrous COVID-19 injections.

This declaration came during a riveting conversation on the Tommy T Podcast.

Dr. McCullough suggested that Trump doesn’t necessarily have to admit that he was wrong. Instead, he could throw Fauci and Biden under the bus because Fauci is a deceiver who has his credibility “is in the tank” and “all the safety problems in the vaccine occurred under Biden.”

Podcast host Tommy T added that Trump could save face and send shockwaves through the political landscape with a bit of messaging that sounds like this:

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  1. Trump in January of 2020 said that covid19 had a mortality of less than 1%. He was correct. So why did Trump two months later lockdown America? Also why would an experimental injection developed at warp speed even be required? While Trump was POTUS HMO’s were paid handsomely for every covid case and they put in place protocols that killed elderly people. Trump’s hands are dripping in blood so why do his supporters give him a free pass? Biden continued on the path that Trump paved. Trump continues to brag about his great “vaccines” that are not traditional vaccines.

    • obiwan, Wrong, Trump did all he could to answer the call, providing ventilators, the Navy hospital ships, one in New York, the other in Los Angeles… Trump did not do the lockdowns, Joe Biden did.. Trump was already out of office. As for Trump recommending the jabs, I agree with Dr. McCullough and his warning to him.

    • obiwan, you’re correct, Trump was in office until January 19th, 2021. I don’t believe Trump imposed any mandates. He did cut off China from entering the U.S. It was the states who imposed the mandates

  2. When were the lockdowns? March of 2020. Who was POTUS in March of 2020. Donald Trump. Joe Biden did not become POTUS until January of 2021. The hospital ships didn’t treat a single patient in either New York or Los Angeles just like the “Emergency Hospital” at the Trade & Convention Centre. Trump locked down America even though he seemed aware in January of 2020 that the virus wasn’t the second coming of Ebola. Biden did the mandates but Trump locked down the USA. The same country that gave us the fake pandemic and the evil shots.

  3. Did Trump take the real jabs?
    Trump said “you should take them but you don’t have to.”
    Why did Trump say this?

    95% of the people I warned about the jabs, took them anyway.
    Maybe Trump knew this?
    At minimum, need Trump to explain…

  4. Major kudos to Michael Easton for letting opinions appear on PSR that might not totally agree with his point of view. It’s more than you’ll get from any of the legacy media especially the Vancouver Sun which censored comments like the fascists they are. Fascism is when corporations and government combine forces to subvert democracy. I was majorly disappointed in Trump in 2020 having been a supporter since he came down the escalator at Trump Tower. His achilles heel is his outsized ego that makes him easy to manipulate by people with bad intentions. Plus many of the people he surrounded himself with didn’t exactly inspire confidence.